Audition Classes

Paul DMC (in session)Casting director Paul Dinh-McCrillis, CSA, is now accepting students for a small class dedicated to audition techniques. Class will focus on the moments before, during, and after the audition.

Even actors with MFAs in Drama struggle in the room to give a top-notch performance within the allotted few minutes. Paul will cover methods to help actors remove emotional hurdles when auditioning. Good acting doesn’t come from acting but simply being the character, and this can’t be achieved if actors don’t get out of their own way.

He will share how to avoid casting directors’ pet peeves, and most importantly, how to consistently audition well and make lasting impressions. Even if you don’t book the job, casting directors will remember you for future  projects if you stick to certain guidelines.

Each student will be given one scene per class to prepare. Paul will take students through the entire process of auditioning: a few minutes at the beginning of class will be spent on exercises to calm nerves, then students will “audition” with the given scenes, and the last portion of class will be Paul giving feedback—direct and honest, without filters from agents and managers.

If students have had actual auditions during the week and have questions about things they could’ve done differently, or strange experiences in the room, they will be encouraged to ask these questions during the final portion of class. Paul will be there as a sounding board to help actors learn from each audition, and prevent them from beating themselves up too much if an audition doesn’t go well.

Classes will start mid-May, be limited to a maximum of 10 students, and held on Wednesday afternoons from 12 p.m.–3 p.m. at a location in Burbank near Walt Disney Studios and NBC. Enrollment is $225.00 per month, and by invitation only.

To be considered, fill out this contact form, with links to reels, headshots/resumes, and/or websites.

For more about Paul, check out his About page and blog.

Thank you for your interest!